SIAM Student Chapter @ RWTH Aachen University

A new SIAM Student Chapter has been established at RWTH Aachen University. The purpose of the chapter is to generate interest in applied mathematics and computational science by providing students opportunities to:

  • Share ideas and improve communication across different research groups
  • Explore career opportunities in academia and industry
  • Organize seminars on applied mathematics with representatives from industry

Check out the Chapter web page for more information and upcoming events!


Many of the MathCCES members participated at the SIAM CSE 2015 conference. This awesome video gives a glimpse of what this conference had to offer.

Here comes the sun: Heliostat Optimization

Heliostats are solar power plants that collect sun light by mirrors - sometimes hundreds of them - sending it to a receiver where the energy is converted. The main challenge is how to distribute the mirrors such that a maximum of light is collected. Prof. Manuel Torrilhon from MathCCES collaborated with Prof. Alexander Mitsos and his graduate student Corey Noone (both from MIT) to find a bio-mimetic mirror layout that is inspired from the arrangement of sunflower seeds. The result decreases the area needed for the heliostat and increases the over-all efficiency at the same time. The paper will be published in the journal 'Solar Energy'. Additionally, MIT and RWTH are applying for a patent together with the involved researchers.

The results of this project were featured on the MIT frontpage on January 11, 2012, see also the MIT news. It also made it into several online blogs and technology news, like The January 21 print issue of The Economist contains a short article about it, too.

Alexander Mitsos was a Junior Research Group Leader at the AICES Graduate School of RWTH in 2008.

Bringing Computational Sciences to Schools

The Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program (CAMMP) brings together students and faculty from both high schools and university to introduce the basics of computational modeling through hands-on exploration. Working intensively over the course of a week, students, with contributions from the teachers and university researchers, will construct a solution to a challenging mathematical problem. The second CAMMP will take place June 24-29, 2012 at the Youth Hostel Voeren (Belgium). Participants from Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, together with Germans, are especially encouraged to partcicpate. CAMMP is organized by Martin Frank, MathCCES; Ahmed E. Ismail, Molecular Simulations and Transformations; and Nicole Faber, AICES Graduate School.

Lunch Seminar, Thursdays

During the semester we have Lunch Talks every Thursday, 12:00.

Open Positions

We are looking for PhD Students !

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