We are offering projects for students at various levels. These include Master- and Bachelor-Theses for students of Mathematics or CES, but also projects on the basis of a paid student employment ('HiWi').

Topics of theses are available in our research fields involving mathematical modeling, numerical methods and optimisation. They typically incorporate multi-disciplinary aspects ran­ging from analysis and engineering to implementation.

Bachelor / Master Theses / Staatsexamensarbeiten

We offer the follwing student projects:

  • Mathematical Modeling and Simulation → Prof. Manuel Torrilhon,
  • Efficient Maximum Entropy Solver → Student Projects
  • Direct steam simulation of solar thermal power plants → Prof. Martin Frank
  • Asynchrononous finite-difference schemes → Prof. Martin Frank
  • Simulation of Tumor Oxygenation → Prof. Martin Frank
  • Accelerator Cards in Lattice Boltzmann Methods → Prof. Martin Frank
  • Mean-Field Models of Financial Markets → Prof. Martin Frank
  • CAMMP day – Integer Programming Problems on Graphs for Optimal Route-Planning → Prof. Martin Frank
  • Implementation of a cloud application (Bachelor thesis) → Prof. Martin Frank
    Solar towers use many mirrors to concentrate sun light on a central, tower-mounted receiver. The receiver then transfers the resulting heat to a fluid (i.e. molten salt or air) that, in turn, exchanges the heat to steam which powers a turbine, generating electricity. The placement of the mirrors may lead to individual mirrors being blocked and shaded; this affects the efficiency (and therefo- re costs) of the power plant. The model is later used for an optimisation process which finds the most efficient arrangement of mirrors. In this thesis a web application has to be implemented. Detailed information on this project can be found here.
  • Econophysical Financial Market Models (Bachelor thesis or Project work) → Prof. Martin Frank
    One challenging task in economics is to explain the formation of stylized facts in financial data. Stylized facts are universal market properties, which can be observed at stock markets all over the world. One famous example are Pareto tails in income distributions and stock returns. To give an answer to this question it is necessary to have a model of financial markets. Detailed information on this project can be found here.
HiWi Jobs

Typically we offer the follwing paid student employments ('HiWi')

  • HiWis for student classes (Math I to V)
  • TeX HiWi
  • Implementation of Mathematica-Worksheets, detailed information can be found here

If you are interested please write an email to MathCCES secretariat.

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