Lunch Seminars

In general (during the semester), every Tuesday, 12:15 - 13:15, MathCCES seminar room 1090|328. In our lunch seminar we have informal talks of internal and external colleagues and guests during the semester.
Everybody interested in the talks is welcome!
Please bring your own lunch.

(Note that we switched to Tuesdays in the Winter term 2017/18)

Program Winter Term 2017/18

11 October 2017:
12:00 Speaker: Cailing Fu, Clara Witte, Daniel Wolff
Title: Flow in Network of Tubes in Solar Thermal Power Plants (CES Project work)
12:20 Speaker: Tamme Claus, Luca van der Peet, David Boelke, Florian Leins
Title: Heliostat Field Layout Optimization for Multi-Tower Systems (CES Project work)
12:40 Speaker: Janna Tinnes
Title: Acceleration of Ray-Tracer Models for the Simulation of Solar Tower Power Plants (Bachelor thesis)
13:05 Speaker: Roni Cakar
Title: Uncertainty quantification of wind farm models
13:30 Speaker: Paul Luckner
Title: Simulation of Photovoltaic Cells (Master thesis)
14:30 Speaker: Franziska Ossenbrink
Title: Shortest Cable Routing of Heliostats in Solar Tower Power Plants (Bachelor thesis)
14:55 Speaker: Jana Sasse, Lennart Schumacher, Alexander Kristof
Title: Detecting Soiling of Heliostat Surfaces (CES Project work)
15:15 Speaker: Linus Netz, Joschka Theissen, Patrick Peltzer, Andreas Niebrügge
Title: Detecting Deformations of Heliostat Surfaces Using Deflectometry with Drones (CES Project work)
15:35 Speaker: Lukas Nolte
Title: TBA (Bachelor thesis)
16:00 Speaker: Martin Reugels
Title: Das Pontryaginsche Maximumprinzip in medizinischen Anwendungen (Bachelor thesis)

23 October 2017:
Speaker: Matthias Kirchhart
Title: Discussion and Future Development of the Vorticity Method in Fluid Dynamics

24 October 2017:
Speaker: Shuyang Xiang, Ecole des Ponts ENPC, Paris, France
Title: Fluid dynamic on out communication of a Schwarzschild spacetime

25 October 2017 15:15:
Speaker: Andreas Klamt
Title: COSMO and COSMO-RS: From Quantum Chemistry to Fluid Phase Thermodynamics

Thursday 26 October 2017:
Speaker: Maren Klever
Title: Fundamental Solutions of a Class of Partial Differential Equations (Bachelor thesis)
Speaker: Adrian Kolb
Title: Nichtlokales raum-zeitliches Bildentrauschen (Bachelor thesis)

Thursday 9 November 2017:
Speaker: Roman Schärer (Leica Geosystems)
Title: Global Positioning Systems

14 November 2017:
Speaker: Yannick Düren (MathCCES)
Title: Multi-Physics Discretizations based of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method (Master Thesis)

21 November 2017:
Speaker: Mohsen Sadr (MathCCES)
Title: Fokker Planck description of dense gases and liquids

Friday 24 November 2017:
Speaker: Christian Bauer (MathCCES)
Title: Efficient solvers for computing the scalar magnetic potential for multiple spheres (Master thesis)

28 November 2017:
Speaker: Benjamin Terschanski (RWTH)
Title: Radiative Heat Transfer during Atmospheric Reentry (Internship Report)
Speaker: Jonas Kusch & Thomas Caminady (KIT)
Title: Removing ray-effects in the SN method by rotation of the angular quadrature set

5 December 2017:
Speaker: Torsten Trimborn (MathCCES)
Title: Financial Market Modelling

12 December 2017:
Speaker: Olga Mula (Paris Dauphine)
Title: Greedy algorithms for optimal measurements selection in state estimation using reduced models

19 December 2017:
Speaker: Jonas Bünger (MathCCES)
Title: Deterministic Models for Electron Micro-Beam Analysis

9 January 2018:
Speaker: Julian Hoffmeister (RWTH)
Title: Melt-Simulations at MAGMASOFT (Bachelor-Thesis)

16 January 2018:
Speaker: Peter Oswald, Bonn/Bremen
Title: Schwarz Iterative Methods: Randomization and Acceleration

23 January 2018:
Speaker: Gabriele Ciaramella, Universität Konstanz
Title: Methods of reflections: from classical stationary methods to efficient coarse correction techniques

30 January 2018:
Speaker: Matthias Kirchhart, MathCCES
Title: Vortex Methods for Fluid Dynamics

14 February 2018 13:30:
Speaker: Sundar Ganesh, Stefanos Mavros, (RWTH, SiSc-students)
Title: Chaotic Sensitivity Analysis Using Shadow Operator Inversion

23 February 2018 11:00:
Speaker: Carina Bringedal, Univ Hasselt, Belgium
Title: Analytical upscaling - from pore scale to Darcy scale for transport problems in porous media

27 March 2018:
Speaker: Mikhail Tikhonov
Title: TBA

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