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Lunch Seminars

In general (during the semester), every Tuesday, 12:15 - 13:15, MathCCES seminar room 1090|328. In our lunch seminar we have informal talks of internal and external colleagues and guests during the semester.
Everybody interested in the talks is welcome!
Please bring your own lunch.

Program Winter Term 2018/19

9 October 2018:
Speaker: Tamme Claus, RWTH Aachen
Title: Application of the Adjoint Method in Gradient-based Optimization to the M1-Model in Electron Beam Microanalysis (BSc Thesis)

16 October 2018:
Speaker: Alex Schug, FZ Jülich
Title: Biomolecular Simulations for Structural Biology: Integrating Co-Evolution, SAXS and Fret

23 October 2018:
Speaker: Shuyang Xiang, RWTH Aachen
Title: TBA

30 October 2018:
Speaker: Sergei Avdonin, Univ of Fairbanks, USA
Title: Control and Identi cation Problems for a String with Attached Masses

6 November 2018:
Speaker: Tobias Bongarts, RWTH Aachen
Title: Bsc Thesis: Generic Polynomial Form Functions

15 November 2018 ( Thursday !! ):
Speaker: Holger Wendland, Univ of Bayreuth
Title: Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics

20 November 2018:
Speaker: Arne Lüchow, RWTH Aachen
Title: Electron structure quantum Monte Carlo methods

27 November 2018:
Speaker: Alex Viguerie, Univeristy of Pavia, Italy
Title: Applications and Computational Methods with the Incompresible Navier-Stokes-Equations

4 December 2018:
Speaker: Justine Labat, Université de Pau
Title: The multiple electromagnetic wave scattering by small spheres

15 Januar 2019:
Speaker: Christian Rieger, RWTH / University of Bonn
Title: Introduction to Mesh-free and Kernel Methods

22 Januar 2019:
Speaker: Robert Speck, FZ Jülich
Title: On Spectral Deferred Corrections

29 Januar 2019:
Speaker: Andrea Hanke, RWTH / FZ Jülich
Title: TBA

Archive of Lunch Seminars

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