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-=== Program ​Winter ​Term 2018/​19 ​===+=== Program ​Summer ​Term 2019 ===
-** 9 October 2018:**\\ +** 9 April 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Tamme ClausRWTH Aachen\\ +Speaker: ​Manuel TorrilhonMathCCES\\ 
-Title: //Application of the Adjoint Method in Gradient-based Optimization to the M1-Model in Electron Beam Microanalysis// (BSc Thesis)+Title: //What I did 20 years ago...// 
-** 16 October 2018:**\\ 
-Speaker: Alex Schug, FZ Jülich\\ 
-Title: //​Biomolecular Simulations for Structural Biology: Integrating Co-Evolution,​ SAXS and Fret// 
-** 23 October 2018:**\\ +** 7 May 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Shuyang XiangRWTH Aachen\\ +Speaker: ​Xavier ClaeysLaboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, France\\ 
-Title: //Homogenization//+Title: //Two-level preconditioning for BEM based on 
 +Generalised Eigenvalues in the Overlaps (GenEO)// 
-** 30 October 2018:**\\ +** 9 May 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Sergei AvdoninUniv of Fairbanks, USA\\ +Speaker: ​Daniel Yankun HongMathCCES\\ 
-Title: //Control and Identi cation ​Problems ​for a String with Attached Masses//+Title: //Reduced Order Modeling for Inverse ​Problems ​in Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) (MS Thesis)// 
-** 6 November 2018:**\\ 
-Speaker: Tobias Bongarts, RWTH Aachen\\ 
-Title: //Bsc Thesis: Generic Polynomial Form Functions// 
-** 15 November 2018 (<color red> Thursday !!</​color>​ ):**\\ +** 14 May 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Holger WendlandUniv of Bayreuth\\ +Speaker: ​Henning StruchtrupUniversity ​of Vitoria, Canada\\ 
-Title: //Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics//+Title: //Moment Models for Evaporation// 
-** 20 November 2018:**\\ +** 21 May 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Arne LüchowRWTH Aachen\\ +Speaker: ​Loris Di CairanoMathCCES\\ 
-Title: //Electron structure quantum Monte Carlo methods//+Title: //TBA// 
-** 27 November 2018:**\\ +** 28 May 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Alex ViguerieUniveristy ​of Pavia, Italy\\ +Speaker: ​Zhenning CaiNational University ​of Singapore\\ 
-Title: //Applications and Computational ​Methods ​with the Incompresible Navier-Stokes-Equations//+Title: //Fast Methods ​for Boltzmann'​s Collision Operator// 
-** 4 December 2018:**\\ +** 4 June 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Justine LabatUniversité de Pau\\ +Speaker: ​Benjamin StammMathCCES\\ 
-Title: //The multiple electromagnetic wave scattering by small spheres//+Title: //TBA// 
-** 15 Januar ​2019:**\\ +** 18 June 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Christian RiegerRWTH / University of Bonn\\ +Speaker: ​Matthias KirchhartMathCCES\\ 
-Title: //Introduction to Mesh-free and Kernel Methods//+Title: //Particle Methods Without Re-Meshing?// 
-** 22 Januar ​2019:**\\ +** 25 June 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Robert SpeckFZ Jülich\\ +Speaker: ​Chaoyu QuanSouthern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China\\ 
-Title: //On Spectral Deferred Corrections//+Title: //Domain Decomposition for the Poisson-Boltzmann Solvation Model// 
-** 29 Januar ​2019:**\\ +** 2 July 2019:**\\ 
-Speaker: ​Andrea HankeRWTH / FZ Jülich\\ +Speaker: ​Muhammad HassanMathCCES\\ 
-Title: //Predicting Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy from DFT calculations ​of crystals//+Title: //On the Scalability ​of the Schwarz Method//  
 +** 9 July 2019:**\\ 
 +Speaker: Aleksandr Mikhalev, MathCCES\\ 
 +Title: //TBA// 
-** 5 February 2019:**\\ 
-<color red> 1pm-1:​40pm</​color>:​ 
-Speaker: Venera Khoromskaia,​ Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig\\ 
-Title: //Basics of tensor numerical methods with applications ​ in computational quantum chemistry// 
-<color red> 1:​40pm-2pm</​color>: ​ 
-coffee break 
-<color red> 2pm-2:​40pm</​color>:​ 
-Speaker: Boris N. Khoromskij,,​ Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig\\ 
-Title: //Tensor numerical methods in scientific computing// 
-** 14 February 2019 (<color red> Thursday !!</​color>​ ):**\\ 
-Speaker: Stephen Metcalfe, The University of York\\ 
-Title: //​Approximating blow-up via a posteriori error estimation//​