Prof. Dr. Manuel Torrilhon


Since 2010 professor and head of the Mathematics Division (MathCCES) in the Center for Computational Engineering Science (CCES) at RWTH Aachen.


Room: 332 (Rogowski building, 3rd floor)
Phone: +49-(0)241-80-98666


I was elected to serve on the editorial board of the journal Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics at Springer.

My project with Prof. Alexander Mitsos from MIT uses a bio-mimetic layout for solar power plant (heliostat) optimization and the results were featured on the MIT frontpage (more informations). Try the online exact Riemann solver for ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD).

Research Interests

Main focuses are

  • Mathematical modeling in continuum physics
  • Numerical methods for nonlinear hyperbolic systems
  • Kinetic gas theory, Boltzmann equation, rarefied gases and micro-flows
  • Magnetohydrodynamics for plasmas
  • Multi-scale methods, especially time integrators

Read more details in our research section.

Detailed Informations


This summer I teach the Math CES II and Math CES IV for students of Computational Engineering Science.
Additionally, I offer the advanced class Modeling with PDEs.

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