Computational Engineering Science

The ACoM Research Lab is one of the main stakeholders and representatives of the field of 'Computational Engineering Science' at RWTH Aachen.


CES Simulation

Computational engineering is an interdisciplinary field that involves the use of computational models to solve engineering design problems. It is a rapidly growing field that has applications in various industries. Computational engineering models are used to simulate, analyze, and optimize physical and technical systems in the engineering domain. The field of computational engineering is highly interdisciplinary, involving the study of mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

At RWTH Aachen computational engineering is considered a science and labeled 'Computational Engineering Science' or CES, in short. This emphasises the strong fundamental and method-oriented focus of computational engineering at RWTH. Nevertheless, CES at RWTH has deep roots in mechanical engineering and applications are the major driving force of CES research and education. CES is the cornerstone of the RWTH Profile Area 'Modeling and Simulation Sciences' .