About us

As the lab for applied and computational mathematics at RWTH Aachen we pursue mathematical research at the interface of engineering, natural and life sciences. We are eager to foster and stimulate interdisciplinary activities linking fundamental and applied research. In our view mathematical results provide the fundamental source of capability in the solutions of modern technological problems in applied disciplines.

We are part of the Department of Mathematics at RWTH Aachen, with close links to the groups of numerical analysis at IGPM and uncertainty quantification at UQ. Some of our PhD students are associated with the research training group Energy, Entropy and Dissipative Dynamics, the international research training group Modern Inverse Problems, the SNuBIC research unit as well as with the School for Simulation and Data Sciences.

In our teaching we provide the complete mathematical and numerical education within the program for Computational Engineering Science, both Bachelor and Masters. Furthermore, we contribute to the Master in Mathematics, especially Applied Mathematics. Our advanced classes are open to every student interested in computational sciences.

The ACoM lab is committed to diversity, please read our statement.  


Postal Address
Appl. & Comput. Mathematics (ACoM)
RWTH Aachen University
Schinkelstr. 2
D-52062 Aachen

Renate Krahforst
Room 333, Rogowski building, 3rd floor
Phone: +49 (0)241 80 98 660 and 98 669
Fax: +49 (0)241 80 92 600
Email: Office


How to find us

We are located in the Rogowski building directly adjacent to the main building of RWTH. In the building take the half-stairs to your right and proceed through the glass door towards the end of the aisle. You will find a small staircase and an elevator that brings you directly to us. The secretary and most offices are on the 3rd floor. Note, that the main staircase does not lead up to the 3rd floor...

This map of the city center of Aachen gives the location of the institute and some hotel suggestions. To find RWTH Aachen University by car, train or plane please have a look at the university website. You can check also our location on Google Maps.